Pro Argumentum

ID can be defended with the undeniable fact that in the beginning (in principio) there was the observer. An observer existed when the first cause occured, such that the cause was observed by the observer. Whoever this observer was, that is subject to debate, but it is undeniable that one existed before the first cause.

Since there was one who exist before the first, a case be made whether the One had influence over the first cause. We can look for answers in the present time since we know what is around us. From there one can connect the dots, going backward attributing what this influence was.

I'd like to write more, but I have to go. I really enjoyed reading the article. Have to go.

As someone who thinks and practises theology within a materialist framework, the article made for pleasant reading. What concerns me, however, is not your article, but the insistance of pseudo-Christian thinktanks on pursuing a false and pagan idea of creation. Any genuine Christian theology would not pay attention to the physical creation of the universe because it would realise that such a thing doesn't matter. To paraphrase the apostle Paul, "For neither Creationism nor Darwinism is anything; but a new creation is everything."

The gospel does not concern itself with matters such as the origins of the universe. Instead, it concerns itself with the positive transformation and redemption of the universe and the people therein. Arguments which try to use God to establish anything about the origins of the material universe are decidedly un-Christian and a distraction from the crux of the gospel.