What a small, sad worldview

I learned something, and it got me to think. It's pretty rare somone other than myself gets me to have an original thought.

There were several points that while reading i wanted to say something about, they've sliped my mind and I dont want to read it again.

I have an argument for god. Not the god in the way the bible describes. Or in the way any religion I know of does. I consider life to be a system of systems. Well, that's what a living living body simply is, a system of sytems, it's not really an opinion. With the knowledge of only one man, or, with the naked eye, we can not see all these systems working to create this one system, ourselves. Because we can retain knowledge abtained hundreds even thousands of years ago, thus keep ading upon it ussualy not having to start from scratch, we know what we know about biology, about electronics, we know what we know about everything because of it. What I consider "God" is something that you can see. A far more complex, more advanced system of systems than ourselves. A system made up of us. You might call it government. Why I prefer to call it god is I consider this system to be , in a way alive.

It has memories of it's own, not possesed by any one man, but possesed by man as a system. Thoghts of it's own. It is reasposible for new ideas, new inventions, new realizations. THings that obviously no one man, no one family could accomplish. Of course, this does not support inteligant design. Because this is a system created by, made up of us. Thus came after us. Also, why I call it god, is because it is given the personification of god. Millions believing in god, millions working for this god, makes this god a real system, with real power and real control and a will all of it's own. Though this probably sounds bizare.

Were I do support the inteligant design theory, but not the christian theory, is there is an ultimate system. A fractal system made up of all other systems. The system that came first and continualy gets more and more complex.

If there was only one thinking being in the universe, and that being could not see outside of itself, it would be the universe. Each of us is a universe all of our own. We are designed by the universe, weather the universe has thought or not. We were created by the system of the universe. Im trying to explain my thoughts without sounding foolish and insane, that's probably not possible when not in person. I'm sure somone else has allready said what im trying to say comprehensabley and given it a proper name, i dont know who or what it is. I'd probly disagree with it.

But basicaly, what I'm trying to say is, this system of the universe has to be conciouse. It has to be thinking because any complex system of systems is thinking. Just, in a way we cant comprehend or see, for one it has a lifespan of eternety.

Answer me this, why is our system, this system of systems thinking, but the systems we make up not? Is it because unlike us, it does not appear to be physicaly conected? The conection from person to person even seperated by thousands of miles is obviouse. It's a real conection, the actions of one can effect all of us. It's obviouse than via this system history is stored, memories are made, some fade some last thousands of years, much like some of our memories fade, weaken and some are more concrete. Via this system new ideas are formed, inventions and ideas that no one man can call his alone. Not that each indevidual can't have original thoughts. The system, and really there is more than one, like everything, there is positive and negative, good and evil. I say, mankind as a whole creates to thinking, in a way living beings, gods if you will. Within that, are many other systems built whith men that lead up to the to most complex and powerful systems.

Each corporations, each franchise, down to even each family. Your family is one system, a thinking lving system all of its own, with thouths, with memories, passed on and on, families make up more advanced systems, and it keeps going. But I say, their was thought before what we call life. I say, and am not the first that everything in the universe is conected weather it appears that way or not. Created system upon system, to form one, not 2, but one thinking being. Not evil nor good, because it is the system of destruction and creation both in one.

If this is in fact an existing belief, which im almost certain it is, inform me would you. Maybe itd help me explain the unexplainable thought is have on this. Not so much for your sake, but thoughts that cant be put into words tend to fade into nothing, thought ive held them for a while.

and hay, im not playing devils advocate, this is the shit i really believe now.